List of Celebrities who still Smoke

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 Celebrities, particularly the really famous ones are supposed to be role models. Nevertheless, a lot of them are still struggling with smoking issues. Most of your favorite celebrities started smoking at a very young age. Check out this list of celebrities who couldn’t seem to give up smoking.

1. Daniel Radcliffe smokes a pack a day. He’s been called as Harry Puffer due to this habit.

2. Jennifer Aniston is a smoker since she was a teenager and has talked of quitting a lot of times over the years without success.

3. Kate Hudson   admitted to smoking cigarettes in several interviews. She started smoking along with mother Goldie Hawn at a young age.

4. Russell Crowe has broken a smoking ban as he smoked after every song he sang in a concert in New Zealand.

5.  Lindsay Lohan could not seem to live without cigarettes even though she was able to kick the drug habit temporarily.

6. Katherine Heigl has been smoking since in her 20’s and is struggling to quit for her child’s sake.

7.  Barak Obama has been trying to give up smoking for years. Nevertheless, his job is a little stressful and may not be the easiest time to give up this habit.

8. Johnny Depp is another young starter.  He started smoking at age 12 and still a chain smoker despite attempts to cut down.

9.  Kate Moss is a famous fashion model who tried to quit smoking for her daughter but has been seen smoking again.

10. Jack Nicholson is of course famous as a smoker and   makes no attempt to hide it.

List of Celebrities with Autism

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 Autism is a disorder characterized by impaired social communication and interaction and by repetitive and restricted behavior.  The   signs of autism start before the age of three. It affects processing of information in the brain by changing how the nerve cells and synapses organize and connect. It affects anybody, regardless of one’s status in life.

You can find   list of celebrities who have autism on the internet.  There are famous people who have been diagnosed with autistic symptom although the specific classification is unknown.  The lists of celebrities who have this condition include the   following:

1.  Darryl Hannah    –   American   actress who is best known for her roles in Splash, Kill Bill and Blade Runner.  As a child she was diagnosed as being ‘borderline autistic’.

2.  Katherine McCarron – an autistic child who was allegedly murdered at the age of three by mother Karen McCarron.

3. Christopher Knowles – an American poet

4.  Jason McElwain – HS basketball player

5.  Matthew Laborteaux – the actor on Little House on the Prairie

6. Robert Gagno – the actor from Vancouver,   diagnosed at age ten.

7.  Michael Moon – adopted son of author Elizabeth Moon was diagnosed with the condition at age six.

8. Jasmine O’Neill – author of Through the Eyes of Aliens was diagnosed as autistic at age seven.

9.  Sue Rubin – the subject of the Autism Is a World documentary has   no oral speech but communicates with facilitated communication, was diagnosed at age 8.

10. Birger Sellin – an author from Germany was known to have autism at age nine.

2009 List of Celebrities who Died

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 The year 2009 has been an odd one. This is because it seemed that every three weeks, a celebrity died. Not to mention the very controversial death of Michael Jackson who has caused massive grief around the world. If you want to know more details, read on and check out the list of celebrities who dies in 2009.

In January, John Travolta’s16-year old son died. Patrick McGoohan, the actor from Scanners, Silver Streak & Braveheart passed away after a short illness.  In February, John Martyn aged 60 and who has worked with Phil Collins and Eric Clapton died. Kelly Groucutt, former bassist for the band ELO died of heart attack at age 63. March saw the death of Marquis Cooper, a professional football player for Oakland Raiders died of possible drowning. Charlie Chaplin’s son Sydney Earle Chaplin aged 80 died.

Marilyn Chambers, legendary porn actress and Jack Cardiff, a cinematographer whose work include Rambo both died in April. In June of course saw the death of David Carradine who died of autoerotic asphyxiation and both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died June 25. Jim Carroll, poet and music artist who formed the Jim Carroll Band died of heart attack in September and also Patrick Swayze who succumbed to pancreatic cancer.

List of Celebrities with Cancer

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 Cancer does not care if you are famous or not, wealthy or not, elite or not. The evidence of this lies in the considerable list of celebrities who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Some have already died; some still struggling and some are fully recovered.

Take Patrick Swayze for instance.  He was famous for the movies Ghost, Dirty Dancing, The Outsiders, The Beast and many more. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While he vowed that the   disease will not beat him, after several years of battle, he finally succumbed to it. The famous Charlie’s Angel star Farrah Fawcett was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2006. On her 60th birthday, she declared that she was cancer-free, but a few months later she   resumed treatment in Germany. She died later on.

Kathy Bates, who is famous for her role as Mrs. Molly Brown in the blockbuster film Titanic and many other films, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer   in the year 2003. Nevertheless, she kept the battle a secret. Her cancer is now in complete remission. Jerry Orbach, a Hollywood veteran who was best known   for his role on Law and Order has battled with prostate cancer for more than ten years before he lost his battle with it.

List of Celebrities who’ve been to Rehab

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 There are a lot of celebrities who have been in and out of rehab for various reasons. The list of celebrities who have undergone or still undergoing rehab treatment is notable. Below are some of the list of celebrities who’ve been to rehab.

John Belushi was in and out numerous times and   ultimately died of cocaine overdose. Another famous celebrity is Robin Williams whose addictions include alcoholism and cocaine previously. When he started to drink again, he went back to rehab   right away. Ben Affleck has alcoholism but has successfully completed rehabilitation and remains a Hollywood star.

Robert Downey Jr. is once addicted to heroine and   cocaine.  Nevertheless, he has continued to become a successful actor after his rehabilitation. Marshall Mathers, popularly known   as Eminem has sleep medications addiction and has been doing hiatus since his rehabilitation. Whitney Houston was addicted to marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs and analgesic. Has been to rehab a couple of times and reportedly stopped using them. Nicole Ritchie has eating disorders and heroine addiction. She has completed rehabilitation and is now starting a family with Joel Madden of the rock band Good Charlotte. Drew Barrymore was highly addicted to alcohol and drugs and has attempted suicide before she turned 13. She went to rehab and has turned her life around ever since.

List of Celebrities with AIDS

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 HIV/AIDS strikes anyone,   rich or poor, young and old, unknown or famous. The many unknown victims will go unnoticed while celebrities always catch the attention of the world.  Here is a list of celebrities with AIDS. Some of the personalities in the list of celebrities with AIDS have already died.

1. Rock Hudson is an iconic Hollywood star who admitted to being gay and died at the age of 59 in 1985.

2.  Freddie Mercury is the famous lead singer of the British band Queen. His death in 1991 at age 45 has led to the Mercury Phoenix Trust anti-AIDS charity and the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness.

3. Arthur Ashe is one of the greatest tennis players of all time. He was infected with HIV through transfusion during a heart surgery.  He died in 1993 at age 49.

4.  Earvin Magic Johnson is one of the greatest players of the NBA of all time. He continues to be an advocate for HIV/AIDS prevention and promotes safe sex.

5. Liberace is a flamboyant Las Vegas piano player and singer. He died in 1987 due to AIDS complications.

6. Isaac   Asimov is a famous biochemist and science fiction writer. His works turned into successful films like the Bicentennial Man and I, Robot. He was infected due to blood transfusion during a heart surgery.


List of Celebrities who died in 2011

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 The list of celebrities who died in the year 2011 is many. Celebrity deaths include dead actors, TV personalities, dead celebrities and dead writers. The year 2011 was as tragic year for the world of entertainment as several big name starts passed away.

List of celebrities list will begin in January from December. Famous people who died include the tragic end of 27-year old Amy Winehouse, boxing legend Sir Henry Cooper, Grease actor Jeff Conaway and many more. In January, those who died include actress Anne Francis, singer/songwriter Gerry Rafferty, and Canadian actor Peter Donaldson. February saw the deaths of actor Len Lesser and actress Jane Russell. In   March Elizabeth Taylor died and Roger Abbott.

Phoebe Snow and Sidney Lumet died in April while Clarice Taylor and Jeff Conway died in May. In June, Ryan Dunn of Jackass died due to a car accident. July saw the sad and controversial death of Amy Winehouse.  In August, Nick Ashford died and actor Michael Showers. Alexander Grant and actor Cliff Robertson both died in September. Actor Charles Napier passed away in October and cartoonist Bill Keane and Heavy D died in November.  Actor Harry Morgan and comics writer Jerry Robinson died in December.

Highest Earning List of Celebrities

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 Celebrities are persons who are widely-recognized in a society and command a great degree of media and public attention. The world celebrity comes from the Latin word ‘celebritas’ which means from the highest degrees of notability.

These days, celebrities abound and anyone can check out online and find various lists of celebrities. Famous celebrities include actors, actresses, film makers, producers, comedians, TV performers, TV hosts and many more. Moreover, there are also list of celebrities who are considered as the highest earners, commanding millions of dollars.

At the top of some of the highest earning celebrities is Oprah Winfrey with an estimated $1.5 billion worth. She has a daytime talk show, magazine, satellite radio show and Broadway musical. Next on the list is Jerry Bruckheimer with an estimate of $130 million. He   has produced blockbuster movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Pearl Harbor. Steven Spielberg follows with $110 million. Currently, he is working on Indiana Jones sequels and Jurassic Park. Tiger Woods has an estimated $100 million worth and is the first sportsman to break the $100 million earnings in one year. Johnny Depp is worth $92 million and is made more famous as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels.


List of Celebrities

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A celebrity is someone who is recognized widely in a society and commands a great degree of media and public attention. The word celebrity comes from the Latin word ‘celebritas’ which means famous or celebrated. A celebrity is usually one of the highest degrees of notability.

There is a list of celebrities and other famous and prominent people who have been poor or homeless before. Moreover, there is also a list of celebrities earning billions of dollars by appearing in films, walking the catwalk, singing, playing basketball and many more. These people rose to the top by gathering influence. Their stardom is everywhere, not only in the place they come from.

Some celebrity lists include Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, U2, Justin Bieber, Elton John, Taylor Swift, Tiger Woods, Bon Jovi, LeBron James, Simon Cowell, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Beyonce, Madonna and many more. If you love the glitz and glamour or Hollywood and you love to follow your favorite celebrities, then these lists will provide you so   many   information you want regarding your favorite stars. There are thousands of famous people with interesting lives, most of them have Cinderella type stories, which means they started out just like everyone else and then rose to stardom through their talents and hard work.